Welcome to D2Moddin Docs

D2Moddin is a platform to easily play Dota 2 custom game modes. It is also a base for the Dota 2 modding community, with the D2Moddin forums and the developer documentation you are reading right now.

SDK Setup

Dota 2 game modes are built using the addon framework used to build the official Frostivus and New Bloom events. Addons are essentially overlays on the game directory - any content in an addon will override the default content. Game code is written in lua and operates server-side only. Custom assets (models, sounds, and UI) can be added to the client and used in maps.

As there is currently no officially released toolchain, including map and particle editors, the Alien Swarm SDK and pipeline is used to create maps and assets.

See the below documentation pages to get started:


Mapping is done in the old Source Engine map editor, Hammer.

See the below documentation pages to get started:

Integration with D2Moddin

Integrating your addon with D2Moddin is a relatively painless process. D2Moddin’s server network supports granular versioning using simple version numbers, and normal Dota 2 addons.

See the below documentation pages to get started:

Chat with Us

If you have any questions during development you can chat on the forums or in the irc channel #dota2mods on GameSurge.